Hazard Identification in the Workplace

The completion of assessments and the management of risk should not be delegated to one person only, but to a small team. The team should consider potential hazards, the risks they pose to your employees and your business and what suitable controls are required to prevent the potential of injury, loss or damage.

Assessing risk is an important step in protecting your employees and business as well as meeting your legal requirements. It helps in focusing on the high-level risks which really matter and could cause real harm.

In many cases, straightforward easy to implement controls can be introduced to manage risk, for example not leaving trailing cables across walkways minimising the potential of trip hazards or managing spillages so people don’t slip over. Many hazards can be managed through simple, cheap to implement effective controls.

Through the completion of risk assessments, you are protecting your most valuable assets, your employees, and others who may be affected such as contractors or members of the public, along with your business reputation.