Competent Person Training

PUWER Health & Safety offer an all round service including competent person. So what exactly does this mean in terms of your business? Whilst the definition is rather technical, the importance of this aspect cannot be underestimated. Within the realms of the law, it is stated that every employer is required to appoint one or more persons to assist them in complying with the requirements imposed under UK Health and Safety legislation. Keen to learn more? Speak to the experts now.

It is important within every company that you remain compliant. We can help reduce the stress and strain for you and your businesses in the provision of accurate information. If you find yourself with nagging thoughts in terms of doing the right thing, we can help to eliminate these through competent person. Because we understand health and safety we are able to put the common sense back in whilst applying it successfully and with ease to your business.  

Speak to us in the first instance to discuss the elements attached to competent person. From here we will determine your needs specifically and formulate the next steps required to keep you covered and safe. We know that all companies differ and with this in mind we will work with you via a one-off consultancy or retained work whilst developing a long-term business partnership.