Reducing Risk in The Workplace

At PUWER Health & Safety we are specialists in accident investigation. We don’t want you to experience an accident in the workplace but should you find yourself in this position, we are on hand to offer advice and guidance within all of the relevant regulations. If you require our services for accident investigation, please get in touch today.

Accidents should be used as learning opportunities. Whether the accidents are your own or someone else’s, notice should be taken and preventive measures implemented quickly and effectively. As a company owner, manager or individual in a position of authority, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your team. Without measures in place, impact of accident investigation further down the line could be higher, potentially involving injury, death, legal action or even imprisonment.

It is a legal requirement to report any accidents or ill health within the workplace. If you’re self-employed, an employer or in control of a premises, your duties strictly fall under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). At PUWER Health & Safety we are well versed in such regulations and can discuss them with you and your team as required.

We fully understand the importance of health and safety. At PUWER, not only do we offer accident and investigation services across the North East, but many more. Do you work in a particularly busy and noisy environment? Our workplace noise assessments will deal with this quickly and effectively. In addition we can help you with fire risk assessments, health & safety auditing and much more. Speak to the experts today for a free telephone consultation. As a company we listen to your needs before formulating the best plan based upon your circumstances.