Keeping Equipment & Machinery Safe

The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) requires suitability consideration of the equipment and working conditions it will be used in. This is to be carried out as part of your risk assessment. You must identify what risks exist in your premises which may affect the way in which equipment is to be used. Any additional potential risks which may become present during use of equipment is required to be noted. The following is also required for consideration:

  • Competency, training and awareness of employees
  • Suitable maintenance and inspection programmes
  • Prevention of contact with dangerous machinery parts
  • Suitable controls and emergency stop controls
  • Isolation of power sources
  • Noise and vibration hazards

Equipment used for lifting operations and covered by Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) for statutory examination and testing is still classed as work equipment. This should be suitably assessed for the way in which the equipment operates through a PUWER Assessment.

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