HAV Assessment

Here at PUWER Health & Safety we have the knowledge and expertise to advise companies on the prevention of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, please get in touch today.

Hand Arm Vibration syndrome, also known as HAVs or vibration white-finger is a type of industrial disease. It produces symptoms in the arms and hands, usually from prolonged use of vibrating power tools in the workplace. The effects of HAVs may lead to a disabling condition causing muscle weakness and in extreme cases, the finger to turn permanently white. The symptoms of HAVs is irreversible and it’s therefore important that care is taken to detect and prevent such effects at the earliest stages.

The following steps may help prevent or detect the symptoms of HAVs:

  • Where practicable, use low vibration tools
  • Make sure tools are well maintained
  • Routine monitoring of vibration levels within tools and where possible, the repair or replacement of tools with high levels of vibration
  • Selection and use of correct tools for correct tasks whilst ensuring cutting attachments are sharp and free from defects
  • Not gripping the tool so tightly that fingers turn white before starting to use the tool
  • Keeping warm, especially hands whilst maintaining a good flow of blood to the fingertips
  • Take regular 10-minute breaks
  • The chemicals contained within tobacco can affect the flow of blood around the body, so cutting down or stopping smoking may help reduce clotting

These are just some of the ways you can help your team reduce and even prevent the symptoms of hand arm vibration. If you would like to discuss how we can help put such practices in place, please contact us and we will arrange an appointment.