CoSHH Assessments

Are you finding COSHH is just too complex? Is this concept taking precious time away from other important jobs such as running and growing a company? The benefits to getting CosHH give you one less thing to worry about and at PUWER Health & Safety, we can help. Interested in learning more? Speak to us today.

To help manage and control the substances you use, we will do the following:

  • Develop a CoSHH database for the substances you own, identify how they are stored and used and include any existing control measures
  • Obtain the most recent Material Safety Data Sheets for each substance
  • Develop CoSHH Assessments for each substance in use

Below you will find new symbols for the Globally Harmonised System (GHS). The aim is to harmonise the classification and hazard communication elements for chemicals throughout the world. The GHS is a single worldwide system for classifying and communicating the hazardous properties of industrial and consumer chemicals.

To discuss CoSHH Assessments and their benefits, start by giving us a call. We will discuss your requirements and from here determine the best way forwards.